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Our mission is to bring confidence and convenience to our clients. We want them to have a tranquil and serene experience that they can take with them. By providing them with top quality wax as well as products that will have their skin rejuvenated and smooth like a new born baby. We pride ourselves on great customer service and want to make our clients feel at home. Experience waxing with a calm sweetness.



Our licensed cosmetologist Aleisia Gordon has been certified since 2010. During her training she focused on skin and hair care to provide her clients with the best services and results. It is her intent to allow her clients to experience waxing with a sweet calmness.
She has also curated a line of all-natural, homemade organic products that offer top-notch benefits during and after her services, as well as for everyday use.
Learn more about Aleisia's journey through her tell-all book, Candi's Demise.

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Waxing Certification Class!

My 4-hour class, which includes your own waxing starter kit & products, covers everything you need to get your

own waxing salon or business up and running!

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